Dexter1600 PSI (Disc) Electric/Hydraulic Actuator With Breakaway..  INCLUDES SHIPPING & Handling USPS
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Dexter1600 PSI (Disc) Electric/Hydraulic Actuator With Breakaway... Includes Shipping

Provides 1600 psi of pressure for 1-3 axles equipped with disc brakes.
Sealed, anodized aluminum housing provides a weather tight seal.

• Large Reservoir Capacity
• Solid State Electronics
• 2 Year Limited Warranty
•Requires a four wire hookup and minimum 9 amp/hour break-away kit
(Recommend Our:SKU 20-236-7 Dexter Break Away Kit)

1,600 psi maximum pressure output for axles equipped with disc brakes (K71-651-00)

Dimensions: 10.5" long x 5.5" wide x 7" high
12-volt DC operation
Uses DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid, holds 40 cubic inches (0.7 quarts) of fluid
Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations and federal braking requirements
• Compatible with most electronic brake

Superior Performance
Unlike surge actuators, the pressure output to the brakes corresponds directly with voltage output from the brake controller to deliver smooth, proportional braking.
Eliminates brake drag commonly experienced when using surge actuator systems in downhill towing applications.
Eliminates the feeling of being pushed by the trailer which reduces the possiblity of jackknife situations.
Provides braking power when moving the trailer in reverse.
Large Reservoir Capacity

Large brake fluid reservoir and self-priming pump reduce the time required for brake bleeding while preventing the system from running dry during the process.
Unrestricted by brake fluid displacement requirements eliminating the risk of starving the brakes for fluid.
Allows for use on single, tandem, or triple axle applications regardless of capacity.
Durable Product Design

All stainless steel fasteners for superior corrosion resistance.
Goretite seals protect the circuit board from water and provide protection against the elements.
Finned housing design helps dissipate heat more efficiently for long-lasting durability.
Incorporates enhanced wiring protection to prevent possible damage to the unit if wired improperly.
Solid state electronics for improved performance and compatibility with most electric brake controllers on the market.

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