1000 Elec/Hydraulic - Drum Brake - Dexter   INCLUDES SHIPPING & Handling USPS
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1000 Elec/Hydraulic - Drum Brake - Dexter... INCLUDES SHIPPING

Provides 1000 psi of pressure for 1-3 axles equipped with drum brakes.
Sealed, anodized aluminum housing provides a weather tight seal.

• Large Reservoir Capacity
• Solid State Electronics
• 2 Year Limited Warranty
•Requires a four wire hookup and minimum 9 amp/hour break-away kit
(Recommend Our:SKU 20-236-7 Dexter Break Away Kit)

1,000 psi maximum pressure output for axles equipped with drum brakes (K71-650-00)

Dimensions: 10.5" long x 5.5" wide x 7" high
12-volt DC operation

Uses DOT 3 or 4 brake fluid, holds 40 cubic inches (0.7 quarts) of fluid
Meets or exceeds all DOT regulations and federal braking requirements

• Compatible with most electronic brake

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