HBA10 Hydrastar - 1000 PSI, Carlisle Hydrastar-1000 Elec/Hydraulic - Disc Brake
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Hydrastar - 1000 PSI, Carlisle Hydrastar-1000 Elec/Hydraulic - Brake Actuator

Newly updated Generation 7 HydraStar actuator offers: 
Faster response for reduced stopping distance 
Simplified wiring - only 4 wires 
Draws power only when brakes are applied - no need for ACCESSORY switch 
Smaller footprint requires less space for easier installation 
Compare these HydraStar advantages: 
Sealed unit - weather tight 
Does not exceed tow vehicle manufacturers' wiring amp rating 
Unit mounted bleeder fitting simplifies brake bleeding 

Vastly superior to surge brakes 
Eliminates the feel of being pushed by trailer, problems with backing a trailer uphill and brake drag 
Easily replaces surge brakes on trailer 
Meets all DOT regulations and complies with CFR-393 federal braking requirements...surge brakes are illegal in many states 
Dimensions: 11.8" long x 3" wide x 7.3" high, shipping weight 12 lbs.

• In cab controller required –
We recommend PRODIGY P2®   the most advanced and intelligent approach to trailer brake controls. PRODIGY P2®, requiring no manual leveling, is a technological breakthrough among inertia-activated brake controls. Equipped with a self-adjusting sensing device similar to the one used in guided-missile technology to allow for easy, flexible installation — from nearly horizontal to nearly vertical — PRODIGY P2® constantly adjusts itself to the position of the tow vehicle.

Carlisle 5 AMP Breakaway Kit Complete
5 AMP Battery
All Polymer Lockable Breakaway System (with Charger) (Includes  Nylon Breakaway Switch  
The 1024 (ABCD) will return trailer breakaway system batteries to their maximum potential. 
Definition: ABCD = Accelerated Battery Charging Divice

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