Controller Adapter Module "2 WIRE" 381-7073
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Not all factory integrated and aftermarket brake controllers are created equal.  Some brake controllers, factory installed or aftermarket, do not recognize electric over hydraulic (EOH) brake technology, resulting in an error code on the tow vehicle or an inoperable Hydrastar.  

The Hydrastar Controller Adapter Module (CAM) circumvents the lack of technology in some brake controllers to allow the Hydrastar hydraulic trailer brake actuator to communicate with the tow vehicle, resulting in proper brake function.  By installing the Hydrastar CAM, the Hydrastar line of hydraulic trailer brake actuators are compatible with all tow vehicle brake controllers.

The Hydrastar CAM is easy to install, with only 2 wires, has a sealed, anodized aluminum housing to protect the internal components from all weather conditions, and can be easily installed at any convenient location on the trailer. 

381-7063 CAM was intended for use with Gen 5 and older Hydrastar (4 wires) "NOT AVAIL"

381-7073 CAM is intended for use with Gen 6 Hydrastar (2 wires)


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