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Tandem #10 Torflex Lift Kit (K71-707-02)
The lift kit will raise the units frame height 2 5/8".
This kit will only work on a #10 Torflex axle that has been mounted using the side mounting axle system option.

Will not work on top mounted Torflex axles.
The kit has enough parts to do a Tandem axle unit.To determine the bracket hole dimensions that the kit has click here.

Caution: This lift kit can't be used with 3" tall brackets.

 (4) 003-377-02 Frame Spacer #10 (2 5/8" Tall)
(24) 005-111-00 Washer
(16) 006-126-00 5/8"-18 Hex Lock Nut
(16) 007-177-00 5/8"-18 Screw Hex Cap Bolt 1.50" Long

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