3.5K Brake Axle With Springs

3.5K Brake Dexter Axles With Springs

SKU Product Name
6150355-02  89X74 89X74  D35 3.5K ***550***  ELEC EZ-LUBE 10X2.25 BRK, 2.38 TUBE
6155340-02  85X70 85X70  D35 3.5K 545 ELEC EZ-LUBE STRT 10X2.25 BRK 2.38 TUBE WIRED
6150680-02  89X74 89X74  D35 3.5K 545 ELEC EZ-LUBE 10X2.25 BRK, STD SPDL, 2.38 TUBE
6154347-02  95X80 95X80  D35 3.5K 545 ELEC EZ-LUBE STRT 10X2.25, 2.38 TUBE, UNDERSLUNG

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