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Please Note:
Carlisle Industrial Brake does not recommend the Hoppy or TAP breakaway kit numbers 20099 or 20400, or any kit equipped with a built-in battery meter and LED test lights for use in conjunction with trailers equipped with disc brakes. There is a possibility of the brakes not releasing completely, resulting in damage to the brake system.


(21-350-1) & (21-352-1)                  21-354                           21-350                               21-352-1 

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  • Newly updated Gen 5 HydraStar actuator offers:
    • Faster response for reduced stopping distance
    • Simplified wiring - only 4 wires
    • Draws power only when brakes are applied - no need for accessory switch
    • Smaller footprint requires less space for easier installation
  • Compare these HydraStar advantages:
    • Sealed unit - weather tight
    • Does not exceed tow vehicle manufacturers' wiring amp rating
    • Unit mounted bleeder fitting simplifies brake bleeding
    • 3 specific pressure rated units (1000, 1200 & 1600 psi) - matches actuator to your brake system and prevents over pressurization
  • Vastly superior to surge brakes
    • Eliminates the feel of being pushed by trailer, problems with backing a trailer uphill and brake drag
    • Easily replaces surge brakes on trailer
  • Meets all DOT regulations and complies with CFR-393 federal braking requirements...surge brakes are illegal in many states
  • Dimensions:  11.8" long x 3" wide x 7.3" high, shipping weight 12 lbs.

Part # Description MFG #
21-350 Carlisle Hydrastar-1000 Elec/Hydraulic - drum brake HBA10
21-350-1 Carlisle Hydrastar-1200 Elec/Hydraulic - drum brake HBA12
21-352-1 Carlisle Hydrastar-1600 Elec/Hydraulic - disc brake HBA16
21-355 Carlisle Hydrastar XL w/ Remote - 1000 Elec/Hyd. 381-7023
21-354 Carlisle Electrastar w/ Remote (electric brake control unit) 381-7020
21-359 Carlisle Hydrastar Controller Adapter Frd. Sup. Duty & Prodogy HBA-CAM
21-353 Fill Cap For Hydrastar Actuator 32-7640
21-354-B Breakaway Kit For Hydrastar HBA-EBA


Dexter electro-Hydraulic brake actuator


  • Provides 1000 psi of pressure for 1-3 axles equipped with drum brakes or 1600 psi of pressure for 1-3 axles equipped with disc brakes.
  • Sealed, anodized aluminum housing provides a weather tight seal. 

    Part # Description
    21-356 Dexter 1600 Elec/Hydraulic - disc brake
    21-358 Dexter 1000 Elec/Hydraulic - drum brake


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